Want to invest in Community Link's future?

Giving to an organization which supports your charitable ideals is the best way to invest in your community.

Community Link’s programs and services offer so many people a chance at independent living, that an investment in the agency says that you want to contribute to the lives of people with disabilities.

Here are ways you can contribute:

Monetary Donations

A direct gift of cash or a check is the simplest giving option. It is also tax-deductible up to 50% of the adjusted gross income limit. Donate online at

GEMs (Give Every Month)

Join our community of committed partners and make a lasting difference in our mission to provide high-quality services to individuals with development disabilities.Your consistent, reliable income stream makes it possible for us to plan ahead with confidence and reduces administrative costs. Monthly giving can accommodate any budget. You can increase, decrease or cancel your gift at any time.

Become a GEM

Combined Federal Campaign

Are you a federal employee or military personnel looking for an easy way to give to Community Link? Give through the Combined Federal Campaign. Make a pre-tax contribution by selection Community Link on your Combined Federal Campaign (#83161).


Endowments are meant to sustain an organization for the future, not to provide funds for the present. If your charitable goal is to make sure that Community Link’s services are available in the future for loved ones or neighbors who will need services yet to come, this is the option for you. The principal of an endowment remains intact and is invested to earn interest for the endowed organization. You can contribute to Community Link’s future by setting up your own endowment—typically a large gift.

Matching Funds

Maximize your contribution to Community Link by participating in your employer's matching gift program. Check with your Human Resources Manager to see how you might leverage a larger gift through your company’s giving policies.

Appreciated Stocks

When you donate stock, the IRS allows you to report a tax deduction on the fair-market value of your gift. Mutual Funds may also be donated and are subject to the same rules. Make sure that you check with your tax accountant on the latest tax laws.

Other Assets

Real Estate, artwork, insurance policies, automobiles, boats, time-share units, clothing, and other tangible goods can qualify as donations. Community Link will benefit by the sale of such items while you enjoy a charitable donation without paying capital gains.

Pro-Bono Services

Lawyers, doctors, accountants, and others often donate valuable services to nonprofit organizations. Your time, like that of all volunteers, is not tax deductible, but your expenses, including mileage allowances, are.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A CRT is perfect for the donor who wants a guaranteed income stream each and every year. Regardless of the performance of the trust, the income is paid each year without change. Upon your death (or the death of your heir) the remainder of the trust’s assets is distributed to Community Link.


This legal document enables you to make charitable bequests as you plan for the disposal of your assets upon your death.


Community Link may be named as sole or partial beneficiary on your life insurance policies. The organization may also be named as owner of a policy, which allows you to deduct your premiums.

To find out more about Community Link's giving options, please contact Cindy Timmermann at 618-526-3938 or email