Are you expecting or have a little one?

First Step Early Learning & Family Support Programs are dedicated to providing exceptional family centered services to moms and dads who are expecting a child and to families who have one or more children birth to three years of age.

We operate two main programs that serve young children:

  • Early Head Start, a federally funded program of prenatal services and children’s home based services in Clinton & Washington Counties; and
  • Early Intervention, a state funded program of services for children with developmental delays or disabilities in Clinton, Washington, St. Clair, Madison, Bond, and Marion Counties.

In addition to Early Head Start and Early Intervention, First Step offers the following services:

  • Infant mental health services which identify children at-risk for developmental delays and/or for social-emotional and mental health problems.
  • Community services which include offering parent workshops on Dr. Harvey Karp’s Happiest Baby on the Block and Happiest Toddler of the Block at St. Joseph’s Hospital, and parenting classes offered monthly at the local Illinois Department of Human Services office on a variety of parenting topics.
  • Developmental screenings which are conducted annually through local school districts and child care centers, as well as by parent/guardian request. All screenings are free of charge. Visit Early Intervention for the developmental milestones in progression of age.

For more information contact the Early Head Start Coordinator at

Developmental Milestones

Milestones listed are typical for young children, but every child is unique... growing and developing in different ways.

If you are concerned about your child's development, please contact the Early Head Start Coordinator at for a free developmental screening.