Pay My Own Way

Work Training

The Work Training Program teaches persons work related skills and work behaviors such as being punctual to their work station, following supervisor directions, and completing an assigned task in a timely manner. The program is for persons who are experiencing difficulty securing and holding a job in the community. All work performed is paid work. A variety of work is provided in a factory setting or at local businesses. Work tasks may include assembly, packing, sorting, recycling, and janitorial.

The hours of service are Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Transportation is provided.

Employment Services

Community Link’s employment services include:

Supported Employment, a program designed to offer job development and job coaching for up to a year. Individuals are assessed for work skills and job preferences to determine an appropriate job match.

Job Readiness Training, a short-term program of 4-6 months which provides skills assessment, honing of work skills, and job development. Job coaching provided on a limited basis.

Job Placement, a program providing assistance in obtaining a job. Persons are assisted in the development of a resume, they practice for job interviews, and staff assists them to connect with potential employers.

The days and hours for community jobs and supports vary according to the job and program. Transportation is the responsibility of the person seeking employment.

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