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The Pursuit of Happiness

November 07, 2014

Everyone deserves a chance to achieve their dreams. To figure out what it is they want out of life, and to do everything in their power to make it happen. Jennifer Foushee’s dream is to become a special education teacher. As a person with disabilities, there are many barriers to achieving this dream that require hard work and determination to overcome. Many people would simply give up, perhaps choosing instead to travel a road less bumpy, but Jennifer is determined to achieve her dream.

Jennifer attends Community Link, and has worked in the Production department for over two years. With help from her Program Manager, Courtney Kuhl, she developed a plan to work toward her goal of becoming a special education teacher. She applied to Kaskaskia College and took her placement tests. She scored so high on the reading comprehension test that she does not have to take any reading classes. Jennifer placed into English 101, which she took at the Kaskaskia College Trenton Education Center during the spring semester. With the support of her family, friends, and staff members at Kaskaskia College, Clinton Manor, and Community Link, she was able to overcome the odds. Since Jennifer learns best by hearing, KC set her up with an audio textbook which she could download to her computer and provided her with a tape recorder so she could record her classes and listen to them again on her own time. Her parents purchased speech recognition software, Dragon Naturally Speaking, for her, which she used to dictate her assignments. Jennifer’s program manager, Courtney, went above and beyond to make sure Jennifer had the opportunity to succeed. She helped her complete her application, taught her how to use her student email account, helped her to arrange transportation to her class, helped her to set up her computer and tape recorder, and met with her regularly throughout the semester to review study skills and help with assignments. Jennifer commented that she was “the brains” and Courtney was “the hands”. Jennifer’s determination and discipline paid off when she received an A in her first college class. Courtney stated, “It was amazing to type her papers with her and see how they developed from simple outlines into fully formed compositions. She did a great job on her papers, and in the class in general.”

Some people come into your life and make a lasting impression. For Jennifer, one of these people is her high school teacher, Pamela Unger, who motivated her to become a special education teacher. Jennifer stated, “People like her make me want to strive to do more.” Jennifer plans to complete her associate degree in liberal arts at Kaskaskia College and then transfer to a four-year college where she can earn a degree in education with a focus on special education. 

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